SR2000 Transport / Survivability Mode

SR2000 Operation Mode

Scotrenewables launched the full commercial scale SR2000 2MW, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, at the European Marine Energy Centre in 2016.

Designed to DNV-GL standards with a 20 year design life, the SR2000 incorporates proven, commercialised components from other industries to the market enabling Scotrenewables superstructure.

The large scale turbine can be installed in water depths of more than 25 metres due to the flexible mooring system and can be deployed with a range of anchoring systems to suit most seabed types.

In October 2016, the SR2000 was successfully installed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), a 5x ROC-accredited marine energy converter test site in Orkney, making history as the largest and most powerful tidal energy converter in the world. 

All installation and maintenance operations during this test programme has been delivered with low cost, locally based vessels proving Scotrenewables simplified commissioning and maintenance strategies at full scale. 

The SR2000 continues to produce excellent performance results and has delivered several other world-firsts, including generating more than 18 MWh and demonstrating a load factor in excess of 38% in its first 24 hour period of continuous generation. In September 2017, the SR2000 turbine produced more than 116MWh in the first 7 days of continuous generation demonstrating a load factor in excess of 35%. During this period, the single 2MW device generated circa 7% of the Orkney Islands energy demand, with shorter periods exceeding 25% of demand. 

Technical Specifications
Power   Hull  
Rated Power 2000kW Length 64m
Rated Current Speed 3 m/s Max. Diameter 3.8m
Cut-in Current Speed 1 m/s Transport draught 6m
Cut-out Current Speed 4.5 m/s Operational draught 25 m +
Maximum Rotor Speed 16 rpm    
Rotor and blades   Electrical  
Rotor diameter 16m Power regulation Variable speed with fixed pitch blades
Swept area 2 x 201 m2 Output Voltage 6.6 kV / 11kV
    Output Frequency 50 Hz